Course Outline

Class Notes

Module 1 Introduction

Module 2 Measuring Development
Other Resources: Chap. 2 and 5 in Todaro and Smith (2009)
Keywords: GNP vs. GDP, PPP, Human Development Index and Gini Coefficient

Module 3: Empirical Methods
Keywords: Regression, Endogeneity, Reverse Causality, Third Variable, Randomized Controlled Trials, Natural Experiment, Difference-in-Difference and Treatment Discontinuity

Module 4: Solow Growth Model
Other Resources: Solow Model
Keywords: Capital Accumulation Rule, Convergence and Poverty Trap

Module 5: Primer to Finance
Other Resources: Chap. 2 in The Economics of Microfinance
Keywords: Information Asymmetry, Adverse Selection and Moral Hazard

Module 6: Overcoming Informational Asymmetry
Other Resources: Chap. 4 and 5 in The Economics of Microfinance
Keywords:Microfinance, ROSCA, Group-lending, Assortative Matching, Dynamic Incentives

Module 7: Human Capital
Other Resources: Chap. 8 in Todaro and Smith (2009), Chap. 3 and 4 in Poor Economics
Keywords: Education, Health, Externality, Nutrition and Fertility

Module 8: Role of the State
Other Resources: The Elusive Quest for Growth
Keywords: Corruption, Political Economy and Governance

Module 9: Role of Donors
Other Resources: Can Aid Buy Growth?
Keywords: Aid Effectiveness, Big Push Theory and Incremental Change

Module 10: Everything Else!
Keywords: Colonialism, Slavery and Geography

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